About Me

Steffi EngertM.A. in Eastern European history, medieval history and sociology; studied also general history, psychology, philosophy and politics.

Worked in many fields, such as research and teaching (university), as a journalist and publisher, author, translator, event organiser, project initiator, -manager and -evaluator, e-learning consultant, - developer, -manager, and small business owner

Currently, I am employed by the University of Duisburg-Essen as coordinator of the E-Competence Agency, an internal consulting agency to further e-competence amongst university employees.

I developed and led or participated in a number of projects and acquired a wealth of experience and skills living and working in different countries, managing multicultural teams.

In addition I am working as a writer and translator.

My select list of recent publications in English on e-learning, e-competence and IT issues.

Member of

E-Learnung Task Force of EUNIS

Study Group Lifelong Learning, Institute of Work an Technology


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