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Engert, S., Blotevogel, U., Petschenka, A. (2011), Digital Tools at the University of Duisburg-Essen - a Survey among Staff and Students, Paper und Vortrag auf der 17. Jahrestagung von EUNIS (European Universities Information Systems), in Dublin 14-17 Juni 2011

Ferrell, G., Alves, P., Bubas, G., Engert, S., 4, Epelboin,Y., Held, P., Leao, C., 7, Madey, J., Piteira, M., Restivo, T., Ribeiro, L., Sidelmann-Rossen, Soares, F., 13, Uhomoibhi, J. (2011), Technology-enhanced learning on campus: insights from EUNIS e-Learning Task Force, Paper für die 17. Jahrestagung von EUNIS (European Universities Information Systems), in Dublin 14-17 Juni 2011

Hamburg, I., Engert, S. (2010), Lifelong Learning for All - a European Value, Präsentation auf der Konferenz DIALOGUE WITH THE EU
EDUCATION AND DIVERSITY IN THE EUROPEAN CONSTITUTION, Gelsenkirchen am 11.06.2010 (publication forthcoming).

Biella, D., Engert, S., Huth, D. (2009), Design and delivery of an E-assessment solution at the University of Duisburg-Essen, paper presented at the 15th annual conference of EUNIS (European Universities Information Systems) in Santiago de Compostela, June 23rd-26th. Link to Paper

Akhmetova, S., Nevskaya, L., Engert, S. (2008), E-Learning in Russian SMEs and Engert, S., Hamburg, I. , Petschenka, A. (2008), Communities of Practice to improve Knowledge Management and eLearning in SMEs, papers presented at the SIMPEL Final Conference, Brussels, 14th April 2008

Hamburg, I., Engert, S., Petschenka, A. & M. Marin (2008), Improving E-Learning 2.0-based Training Strategies of SMEs through Communities of Practice, paper presented at the IASTED International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, Innsbruck , March 2008 Link to Paper

Hamburg, I., Engert, S. (2007), Competency-based Training in SMEs: The Role of E-Learning and E-Competence, paper presented at Web-based Education ~WBE 2007~, Chamonix, March 2007

Engert, S., Blotevogel, U. (2007), Integrated Services of the University of the 21st Century: The Model CIM in the E-Strategy of the University Duisburg-Essen, Paper presented at the 13th Annual Conference of EUNIS, Grenoble, Link to Paper

Engert, S., Blotevogel, U. (2006), Changing Infrastructures for Academic Services. Information Management in German Universities, Published by Andreas Degkwitz and Peter Schirmbacher, English and German, (Online Version, seen 2nd March 2008)

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